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Since last time

So there has been a break in the updating, but to a certain extent that should be at least slightly expected during the Christmas break. I have the finishing details of my stockings to show, a new hat/neck warmer/wristy-gloves set … Continue reading

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Slight change…

So I changed from Lucida Grande to this, which is Helvetica… I was getting annoyed with the fact that the word “clip” looked like “dip”. Edit: or maybe it was Verdana. It’s hard to tell.

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Heart attacks and computers

So, because I have ALL the time in the world, I decided that today, while waiting for Dave to pick me up for the evening, I would update the backend of this here blog. So, after figuring how to get … Continue reading

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Goodbye spam!!!

Ahhhhhhh I have solvéd my problem!! Problem you ask?? what problem?? You would never see the problem because it all gets dealt with by me. I have been spammed unmercifully by bots for the past little while. I had 31 … Continue reading

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Testing custom fields

blah blah blah Hmmm… I’ll have to figure this out later {edit} Excellent… you really only have to add < ?php the_meta(); ?> to the loop for custom fields to work. This is good to know (not that I’ll likely … Continue reading

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New Theme!!!!

Lookit!!!! it’s my colours again!!!! The CSS playing was done instead of an assignment, the secondary colours were determined based on my two main colours (the dark purple and the dark green) using this cool little app from {syle:phreak;}… very … Continue reading

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Oh, so very much go team me….

So, I still hate the way this thing LOOKS… but I was able to import all my old messages from Dead journal… BUT I couldn’t import the comments. Which sorta sucks. But only sorta, because it’s not like I really … Continue reading

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Slowly transferring to WP

So, here I am finally starting to use my brand new wonderful and shmarmy site… so far this place is pretty damned empty, but I’m planning on moving over all of my old posts from my dead journal… maybe tonight … Continue reading

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Exciting new… news….

Sooooo, here’s the deal. A couple days ago I was looking at Freshly Pressed, which is a brand new blogging host run by Stuart at thebombsite.com,, and several others. So I was asking Dave if he thought that the pricing … Continue reading

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