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Chit Chat

Ok, so I was in my Macromolecules class this morning, and as I sat down, the two girls behind me were chit chatting… I don’t remember what it was about, but I do remember thinking that their voices were relatively … Continue reading

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You don’t want to do it?? THEN DON’T!!

So, at work we have Sirius radio, and since this is subscription radio, I’d personally expect to hear a wider variety of music with more independent and up-and-coming artists than on standard radio. Alas, this is not to be. Although … Continue reading

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Fake comments

Ok, so I know that it has an odd name, but why the whole slew of bot comments on this post?? I’d like comments, I really would… but I’d rather them from people than machines….

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Sock Yarn!!

Hopefully it shows up this time….

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Ok, so today’s rant is once again about the post doc at my lab. So I got in insanely early (for me)… I was in at 9 am… the second person in today, thank you very much!!! So I got … Continue reading

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This is the new name I have for the post doc in the lab who broke the lab’s cardinal rule: You kill it, you fill it! So, I was trying to do the last step of my entire honours project. … Continue reading

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Snarcastic co-workers

So, I got a pair of interesting emails today from my co-workers in the lab I’m doing my honours in (names removed to protect, well… me). These were sent to the entire lab (a Post Doc, 3 PhD candidates, a … Continue reading

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That’s me, that’s me… I have unfortunately gotten to the point in my university career where I don’t really care anymore. I have 15 months left until I get my degree… at that point in time, I’ll have 2 degrees, … Continue reading

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Because my brain is not working!

I want this term to be over. Really. I have 6 classes and my honours project. Thus I am busy. But I don’t want to be busy, at least, not THIS busy. Today was… another day in the life of … Continue reading

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To the 5:30 driver of bus 4095 (Route 18)

What. The. Fuck. Here’s me, happily cycling home from work along Rideau St. I decided to take Rideau cause there was construction on Sussex. I was in the “normal” lane, not the curb-side bus lane. I was probably about half … Continue reading

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