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A very Skidl Present

So, I was told the correct spelling of my niece/nephew’s current name.  Silly me for not realizing it was a combination of my SIL’s last name and my brothers’ (and my) last name.  Oops. But all the baby gifts have … Continue reading

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Running pains

I gave myself a silent goal of getting out and running during the week this week. I didn’t say anything about it anywhere, because recently I’ve had such bad luck every time I set myself a running goal. I had … Continue reading

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Ok, so today’s rant is once again about the post doc at my lab. So I got in insanely early (for me)… I was in at 9 am… the second person in today, thank you very much!!! So I got … Continue reading

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This is the new name I have for the post doc in the lab who broke the lab’s cardinal rule: You kill it, you fill it! So, I was trying to do the last step of my entire honours project. … Continue reading

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Snarcastic co-workers

So, I got a pair of interesting emails today from my co-workers in the lab I’m doing my honours in (names removed to protect, well… me). These were sent to the entire lab (a Post Doc, 3 PhD candidates, a … Continue reading

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EEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE =-) So, I’m officially in 3rd year at univeristy, which means that I needed to find a 4th year supervisor for my Honours Project… I’d talked with several professors, but then hadn’t heard anything for a week or so… … Continue reading

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