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Shah loves cat

Please, may I introduce you to my friend Shah. Shah: good.. cause you need a break… Shah: have a break. Shah: have a kit kat? Shah: or just a regular cat? Shah: mmm… cat Lizz: no, I’m fine for food … Continue reading

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Doctor starter

So, I’m gonna do a quick plug for my sister’s new site, because she asked me SOOOO nicely and because I think what’s she’s doing is a great idea. My sister is a 1st year OBGYN resident at Dalhousie, and … Continue reading

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Winnie the Pooh Worships Satan too!!!

So, I was going through my old emails, trying to procrastinate by being productive (I should be writing an assignment, but that’s another topic), and I found one from my good friend Shah. It was the movie that went around … Continue reading

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So, I’m home, which is most incredibly lovely, and relaxing… however, it also leads to me being *shock* away from my computer for long periods of time!!!! But this is a good thing, in my opinion. So, you may ask … Continue reading

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