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Where do we go…

I defended my thesis yesterday.  I’m all but done my Master’s degree, and I don’t know what I am doing next. Not completely true.  I know that today, I am relaxing, drinking rum and eggnog (done my 3rd at 1pm), … Continue reading

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I will run!!

So, for Christmas, my sister and brother-in-law got me a Nike+iPod toe clip thing… basically it logs my distances for me. Which makes me happy. And then it uploads it to Nike… which does NOT make me super happy, but … Continue reading

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I feel like I have no money right now. I’m worried about getting a job while I’m off school, because I want it to be better paying and more interesting than what I’m doing now… in my field (either of … Continue reading

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So, on Saturday I met my fate. I went to the hair dresser, and had significant amounts of hair removed. And I mean LOTS of hair. Here is the before shot: The hairdresser asked if I was willing to go … Continue reading

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Living Alone

So, I live by myself. I love this fact. I don’t have to worry about conflicts with roommates, or splitting bills, or who used the last of the toilet paper, because it’s always my responsibility. And I have to say, … Continue reading

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All about Lizz…

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Lizz! Lizz can’t drink – she absorbs water from her surroundings by osmosis. Lizz has 118 ridges around the edge. Lizz was originally called Cheerioats. The most dangerous form of Lizz is the bicycle. The … Continue reading

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I don’t like being sick. Yes I know that’s a no brainer, except for Elizabeth in I Wish I Was Sick, Too… such a good book, but I digress. I had to go into the lab for many hours on … Continue reading

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Oh, so very much go team me….

So, I still hate the way this thing LOOKS… but I was able to import all my old messages from Dead journal… BUT I couldn’t import the comments. Which sorta sucks. But only sorta, because it’s not like I really … Continue reading

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Oh, the Happiness

So, I’m on summer break, which is absolutely marvellous. My Dave came up for a couple days just as I was finishing my exams and we got to spend the better part of a week together, relaxing, walking around parliment … Continue reading

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