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So, my husband has been at me for the past couple days to organize our hats/mitts/gloves shelf in our closet, and because I’ve been reading financial blogs, and they keep on saying you should “declutter,” I decided to actually take … Continue reading

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Since last time

So there has been a break in the updating, but to a certain extent that should be at least slightly expected during the Christmas break. I have the finishing details of my stockings to show, a new hat/neck warmer/wristy-gloves set … Continue reading

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So, on Saturday I met my fate. I went to the hair dresser, and had significant amounts of hair removed. And I mean LOTS of hair. Here is the before shot: The hairdresser asked if I was willing to go … Continue reading

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Another long overdue update

As per usual, not particular reason I haven’t written in forever, but there is a desire in me currently to write more often. I don’t think I’m terrible at writing, and I enjoy writing, so once again I’ll try to … Continue reading

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Peanut butter cookies

So, I’d been having huge cookie desires. Peanut butter cookie desires, to be specific. But I didn’t have my peanut butter cookie recipe, which makes soft, delicious and in all ways perfect peanut butter cookies. I likely believe this because … Continue reading

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Once upon a time in Italy

Ok, so, here’s the report on my trip to Italy, the pictures have been up for a while, and this has been partially written, but now I’ve finally put all the pieces together. Yes, I’m lazy and just didn’t get … Continue reading

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Are we going to the cottage?

Yes, yes we are. Who is we? Well, for sure are Mel (with a car!!) and Jen from Ottawa and Styna, and there are 3 other Ottawa ppl and Becca invited who havne’t confirmed yet, and I am SOOOOOOO excited~!!!! … Continue reading

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The First Day…

Of the rest of my Life…. No, not quite that dramatic, but it almost feels that way. Today I finished a time of hell, a time when I had 3 exams, a 20 page research paper, 2 labs, 2 assignments, … Continue reading

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