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Another long overdue update

As per usual, not particular reason I haven’t written in forever, but there is a desire in me currently to write more often. I don’t think I’m terrible at writing, and I enjoy writing, so once again I’ll try to … Continue reading

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Went to the bar. In December. Without my jacket. In Ottawa. Hmmmm… Not smart. Thank goodness I only live 1 block away. Wow my ears are ringing. Sleep well!!!

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Français pour les idiots…

Je veux dire que maintenant, je peut écrire en français sans difficulté, parce que j’ai “Zombiekeys” pour Firefox… donc les accents ne me donnent aucun problèmes. However, I’m not sure about my spelling for “problèmes”… Mwahaha!!! That’s what having an … Continue reading

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A present from the Inventory Fairy…

So, this past weekend I had to do inventory at work… this means that every single item in the store has to be counted. So not only was I at work until (the second) 1 am on Saturday night, I … Continue reading

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“Not all site features are operational yet” …. you mean , like the one where there’s a site?

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Overheard in the Market

Yesterday, I was walking through the Byward Market and overheard a little boy talking to his father: Boy: “So, is he our niece, or our nephew?” Father: “He’s your cousin” I dunno, I just thought it was cute.

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For Thomas in Kanata…

Now, I don’t know Thomas in Kanata. I do however know that he’s been accepted to both Loyalist College in Belleville, and to Algonquin College, here in Ottawa. How do I know this?? Easy!!! He filled out his application forms … Continue reading

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The Ghost in my Phone (Part II)

Ok, so my phone just rang, and I picked up to a dial tone… WTF?? (This has happened before, but it’s still disturbing)

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I have a ghost in my phone

So, I’m sitting here, studying Transport Phenomena like I should be, and suddenly, my answering machine picks up. The phone didn’t ring. Then, when I tried to pick up, I coouldn’t connect and get a dial tone. Very odd. But … Continue reading

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I walked over the canal today, and was somewhat surprised to see that it was starting to freeze. Not surprised because it’s early (December 1st and only those 2 beautiful days of snow???), but because it was above 0° today. … Continue reading

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