At home

It’s very odd to be at home again all day. I’m on mat leave, and it sometimes feels like I’m not adding to the family. I spend my days sitting on the floor playing with S, and maintaining the house while she’s sleeping. I love my baby, but her level of conversation leaves something to be desired.

I know I’m doing important things, stimulating our baby, teaching her, feeding her, and keeping care of her. But I am not cut out to be a stay at home parent.

I try to fill in the time as best I can – grocery shopping, making dinner, I’ve started making bread. Even writing this certainly goes into that description. But what I really need is more interactions with people who can reply.

I go to the library with S on Mondays, and we do the Baby Time program. I’ve signed us up for a baby sign language course starting later this month. I’m hoping that I can make some Mum friends through that. Because I’m lonely.

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