The morality of work

So, I am preparing to join the world of work. I’m in the enviable position of having two job offers, and I think I’ve made my decision. The main difficulty that I’m having is that I’ve started the paperwork for the job I’ve now decided not to take,  and I feel extremely guilty about that.

I know that I have to chose the job that will suit me better in the long term,  and that the job I turn down won’t be on my employment history,  but I feel that you should also honour your promises, and I feel I did make a promise.

The job I have started the paperwork on is highly reputable,  and interesting,  but the one I’ll accept has more responsibility and honestly,  a much better title.  It also already has 3 years of funding lined up, while the other only has one lined up.

I know what I’ve decided, but I have to work up the guts to turn down my first acceptance.

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