Jay and Silent Bob Are Getting Old

So Dave and I went to a live broadcast of a podcast and Q and A with Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) last night.  This sounds sorta strange, but here’s the explanation. They were at the Scotia Bank Cinema in downtown Toronto (we wanted to go there, but it was sold out).  We were at a theatre closer to our place, and it was being simulcast to about 200 other theatres in North America.  I guess that doesn’t actually explain it better, but whatever. This is what it was:

These guys were so funny.  Extremely raunchy, and with lots of swearing, but so funny. It always amuses me that my mild mannered husband loves the most foul-mouthed humour. He doesn’t swear, but really likes it when others do that for him.

If I must give an overall description of the night, it would be about Snappy and Snipper and tortoise rape, or maybe just tortoise mating (“But maybe Snipper liked it,” Jay kept saying), and how Squeeky the hamster should have been named Pink Nuts – you know, cause he had huge pink nuts that he had to drag around with him.

High class?  No.  Not at all.  Amazingly hilarious? Yes, absolutely.  Remembering you got in using Scene Points?  Priceless

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