Afghan update

So, the last time I mentioned my Forever and Ever Afghan, it was October, and I’d finished 3 squares.  I have been chugging along mightily since then, mostly since after Christmas.  I won’t give a blow by blow of when I got everything done, but there are 7 new squares finished, and I’m working on a beautiful blue cable square right now.

So, without further ado:

So, the purple one beside the blue has the same pattern, the camera just didn’t pick it up well.

I’m trying to decide if I should block and sew together pieces as I go, or just do it all in one painful swoop at the end. I think it’ll be more even if I do it all at once, but I think I might go crazy doing all that piecing together.

But I’m 20% done, more done than I’ve ever been before, and I haven’t run out of steam.  But I do want to do socks soon.  I may have to steal a needle from my mum.

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