For a Skitl

The things I will do for a sktil.  Not a skittle (yummy sugary candy), but a skitl – the name my brother and sister-in-law are using for their baby.  I bought some yarn for it (we know the baby is either male or female, but not which) while on vacation in Italy.  Since early September, I have been knitting almost exclusively for its birth day presents.

This baby will be getting a blanket

And this baby will be getting a sweater.

It will also get a pair of socks (in progress), and a hat. The little thing is due in January and must be kept warm!! The sweater, socks (and maybe the hat?) are striped based on pi. Partly cause I’m nerdy, but more so because my brother and sister-in-law are.

I have 11 rows left for each sock, and the hat hasn’t been started yet. They arrive on Saturday. I hope I can get it done….

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