Another Pretty Shawl

My huge knitting projects for the year are complete.  I finished the second wedding shawl on Wednesday night (at 11:58pm or something).  It’s beautiful.  It’s HUGE.  It is DONE. Here it is sitting on our standard 3 person couch:

You can’t see it very well, but there’s a lace work butterfly in the central section.  I came up with the pattern by modifying a textured pattern.  I think it turned out VERY well, all things considered.

Go team me!!  So yesterday I gave the shawl a nice wash (warm water and Ivory body wash), and got some of the non-fast dye out.   Then I pinned the whole thing to our bed.  I was going to be good and use the drying board, but it was REALLY too big for that.  I didn’t measure the final size, but I think that “big” should be a sufficient description.

That’s a Queen sized bed, by the way, so it really is as big as I think.

I’m giving it to the bride tonight at her rehearsal dinner, and I’ll make sure that my husband takes some pictures of her wearing it at the wedding – I’m in the bridal party.

So, that’s another project done.  I’m now working on socks for another friend’s birthday – a due date I will NOT make, but I’m so worried that they will swell up to size 13 men’s… I just have a nasty feeling about this yarn (and no, of course I didn’t do a proper swatch…)

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