Fabulous and terrible

This week had one bad run and one great run. My bad run involved hills, and trying to run them at 11am with 100% humidity. Complete and utter fail. I really have to start running in the mornings or late evenings again. My great run was this morning, it was still quite hot (ok, so 17°C), but I think the humidity was a bit lower.

I did intervals. I haven’t tried that since I did my half marathon clinic. They were “easy” intervals, 5min run, 20s push, but it felt good. I eventually want to toss in some Tabata intervals as part of my routine, but until I feel brave enough to do them, I think that this should help. During my pushes, I did 96, 74, 61, 72 and 72m. The 61 was on an uphill, so I’ll give myself that one as being of similar intensity.

My heartrate hit 180bpm during the first interval, and then didn’t average below that for any interval (running or push) for the rest of the run – I hit 191 at least twice.

My crappy run was supposed to be hills. I barely got 3 done. I stopped early. I blame the 100% humidity.

Distance: 2.90km
Pace: 6:42/km

Distance: 4.91kmi
Time: 30:24
Pace: 6:12

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