Two runs in two days

This whole working from home thing (while I write my thesis) has been fabulous for my running routine.  I won’t talk too much about how it’s been going for my thesis though.  Run down: lots of back and forward with my PI about what my outline is supposed to be, and me making figures – cause I know that certain things will have to go in no matter what.

Running on the other hand has been going fabulously.  Yesterday I met up with Becca, and we ran in High Park.  Yes, Spring Road Hill kicked my ass.  I had to walk for two light posts, but I was able to start back up (on the uphill) after that.  We also decided to walk when we hit Cherry Blossom Hill.  It really is so pretty there, and even in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, we COULDN’T have run, even if we’d wanted to.  It was packed to the gills with people just wandering up and down, taking pictures.  It’s one of those times when the city remembers that we have green spaces, and actually uses them.

All told, we probably walked for about 5 minutes and 500m.

Distance: 5.50km

Time: 37:25

Pace: 6:48/km

After our run, we raided my parents’ house for water, and also found some coffee, and so sat there and chatted for a bit.  As I was going home, I realized that I’d left my water bottle at my parents’, so today, I had to run to their house and back to pick that up. Overall, it was a nice run.  I walked Dave to the bus stop, and then started heading south.  Other than the bus he got on, I wasn’t passed by any other buses, which sorta surprised me, cause it took me a good… 15 min? to get to the subway station, and it was morning rush-hour.

When I got to my parents’, I chatted with my dad for a bit about bathroom renovations, and then headed out of their valley.  I made it most of the way up the hill.  This is one of those hills that gets steeper the closer you get to the top, and it got to the point where I could walk it faster than I could run/jog it.  So I walked the last bit, and then started running again.

It wasn’t a fast run, but I got it done (and ran almost 13km in 2 days).

Distance: 7.14km

Time: 46:39

Pace: 6:32/km.

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