Writing and running

Today is my weekly day “off” from the lab, where I’m supposed to sit at home and get some writing done. This is self imposed, but has been working out very well for me. This is my 4th consecutive week at it, and I’m at just over 4200 words, so I’m feeling good about maintaining a good pace.

Today, I was working primarily on my materials and methods section, and everyone is told “if you don’t know where to start, go do your materials and methods.” They (who ever they are) are RIGHT. I blew through my 1000 words by 2pm. That’s the fastest I’ve written so far, and I think I still have more in me. To celebrate meeting my goal, I got out of my pajamas, into my running clothes.

Since January, I’ve been running in basically the same gear.

  • Long black thermal underware (they’re opaque).
  • Running bra/crop top (sits just below my bust line).
  • Long sleeved running shirt with thumb holes.
  • Waterproof jacket.
  • Running cap from Harry’s 8K two years ago

When it was really cold I also wore a green head warmer I knit earlier this year, and thin gloves – they currently reside in the pockets of the waterproof jacket.

I also decided to up Mina’s running pace (she’s the garmin running buddy) to 6:20/km, since I beat that the last 2 runs.  So I got out to start my run, and it was beautiful. It’s cloudy out today, but I was nice and warm, and the birds were chirping. I whizzed through that first km in 5:46, and I felt fabulous – a little warm, but I normally get warm by the end of my run. I kept going, and got stopped at the stupid light crossing Jane, and then, as I waited for the light to tick down, it dawned on me.

I started out feeling warm.

I was dressed completely inappropriately for the weather.

What I was wearing was fine for -3C, even for 5C, but for 13C? HAHAHAHA.

I decided that I could tough it out.  I’d slow down a bit, but keep on going.  I had to play mind games with myself into not stopping before I got back to Jane. It’s not unusual to play mind games when running, but it is odd for me to have to start playing them on such a short run.

By the end, I was boiling.  I was almost to my house, and looked at my HR monitor – 185.  On a flat.  Not even 200m from my house, I decided to walk.  So maybe I wasn’t entirely successful with my running goal today, but I still have time to keep going on my writing.  Too bad this post won’t count toward my word count for the day…

Distance: 4.2km
Time: 25:43
Pace: 6:21/km

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