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Despite the time change, and it meaning that I get even less sleep than I thought I was going to get, I made it out this morning. Ok, so I wasn’t FAST getting out of bed:
9am – alarm off, out of bed, drink some water, back into bed.
9:09 – alarm off again, actually awake this time. Stay in bed.
9:32 – wake up and decide that getting (and staying) out of bed is the best way to go.
9:35 – make and eat toast
9:45 – check weather, spend 5 minutes looking at it, and realize I’m going to wear the same thing I’ve been wearing for the past month and a half
9:58 – dressed and ready to go
10:07 – out the door

I hadn’t run for 10 days, and given the weather, I feel very little guilt about that, except that I’ve signed up for the Harry’s Spring Run-Off 8km. I haven’t run 8km in a while. As in months – about 6 of them. I’ve done 7 three times in the past 6 weeks, but… still sorta different. I also know that the 8K ends with Spring Road Hill. Which has been my nemesis since I did my Half, and last time I did this race (I was sick, and couldn’t breath, and had to walk with less than 50m to the finish line.)

So I decided that although getting a run in at 8km is important, I wanted to get in some hills. Which is easy enough to do in my area. I only put in 2 in my 5k, but they were pretty close to each other, and both were in the second half. I also told myself I wasn’t allowed to stop. No walk breaks, just keep moving.

I didn’t quite make the no walk breaks thing – I got stuck at a light crossing Jane, and had to wait for a break, after doing the first hill, my stomach went crazy for a bit, so I took a short walk, and on stupid Rockcliffe hill, I walked at the stop sign (this is my new hill nemesis – has been since I started running in this area. I just can’t convince myself that the hill is only 2/3 done at the stop sign!!). Each break was less that 10s, which was good; I got myself moving again, and that’s all that matters.

Distance – 5.17km
Time – 32:46
Pace – 6:20/km

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