For today is a day to celebrate

Why? Simply because it is my birthday. I was going to run 8km this morning, but when I woke up, it was barely morning anymore, and it was pouring. Clearly, it was a sign to stay cozy in my bed – though I really do hope to get that run in tomorrow. I read for a little – I’m now on Shadow Rising. I was in a big comfy chair in the basement. My husband was working on his Hackintosh (we just got it yesterday). I had a blanket to keep me warm, and I was just pleased as I could be.

On Thursday, we went out to dinner at Lalibela (warning – website has music!!) with my parents, my sister (who was in from Halifax), and my Opa and his wife. If you’ve never had Ethiopian – you should have it. It’s delicious and tasty and oh so filling. So filling, in fact that almost half of the platter for seven was left uneaten after everyone was full. Dave and I had it for lunch today. Well, we had some of it for lunch. I’m so full. Again. How am I going to eat dinner??

Anyhow, it’s just been a wonderful feeling today, I’m just happy and doing my thing. It may be grey and miserable looking outside, but here in my house, it’s my birthday, so it’s sunny and warm.

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