Sushi, socks, and stairs

So, our group of friends gets together about once a month for “Sushi Tuesday”.  This week it was held today, on a Friday, cause it was the best that we could do.  We usually rotate through about 3 or 4 different locations, and today we were in Kingsway Village.  My husband and I were the first to arrive, and it was completely packed, line out the door.  But we pushed ourselves through (gaining us some really nasty looks), cause we had a reservation for 8.  We sat down, and in short order, everyone arrived.

We ordered, and told the waiter not to worry about serving everything at once, but rather to get some food on the table – last time we were there , we’d had to wait on the order of an hour before our food had arrived, and we’d been so hungry that we’d all started sniping at each other.

So we place our order, and start to chat, and everything’s going ok, until we realise that it’s been about 40 minutes, and nothing had come to the table.  The server came around with free Miso soup for all because of the wait.  It’s nice to get free soup, but quite honestly, I’d rather get something slightly more substantial.  I took out my socks at this time, and worked on the ribbing, which was almost done. About 20 minutes later, we started to get our food, and we were happily fed.

After, we migrated to a friend’s house and tea and way too many cookies were served. We were chatting and our hostess told us her plan.  Before her wedding (in July) she wants to  go up and down the 18 flights of stairs in her building 500 times.  She was at 12, so she and I and another friend decided to do a round to get her to 13.  Going down was easy (and fast).  Going up was slow and steady – and started to get painful after about 10 or so flights. I was burning through my hip flexors and thighs, but I made it up without stopping.

Once we got back to her house, I finished my socks.  They are now happily bound off (but I still have to do the ends).  So here they are: my so close to finished socks.

I find them to be a little tight through the leg, and also have some trouble actually getting my heel into the sock. I think my ankle is a tiny bit larger than “normal”. I’ll adjust that for next time. There’s also one other thing that I’ll have to fix…

This little hole is there on both socks, so I’ll have to stitch it closed.

So there we have it, my Friday night adventure.

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