2010 Book 2 Review

So, my second book this year was A Darkness at Sethanon. My review of the second book in this series stands. It’s disjointed.

The plot of this book is defeat the evil army that is many times your size, and is heading for a location that doesn’t make sense – so there must be a thing of power there. Meanwhile, there’s this magical side quest with characters who never meet up with or talk to the characters doing the physical quest. You know that the two quests actually have to be linked, but neither group knows about the other. It just feels so contrived. More so than a normal fantasy series. There’s even a character whose whole point is to be a Deus Ex Machina – he has been manipulating characters for the entire series because “he has seen the future” and he has lived for countless eons, so he remembers the cause of the great evil.

Gimme a break.

Two new characters were introduced in this book. One hangs out for the middle half of the book, and then is randomly killed. The other was mentioned in the second book, in passing, but this time runs away to join the quest. He becomes less innocent when his group (these are the good guys) kills someone for knowing where they are. He sleeps with a girl, who is then killed. He becomes cold and withdrawn, and at the end of the book begins training to be the Captain of the Guard in the city. I don’t think either one actually added to the story, so why bother including them? Ok, so the kid might be important in a following series, but too much time is spent on him just being there in this one.

It’s like the author decided he needed to have more people on the quest and so every so often added “and Bob was there.”

Overall, this series makes me think that this author paid more attention to getting it out, than the story flowing, or even making sense.

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