Blocking Gabes’ Shawl

So although I haven’t said anything about it, I have been knitting. Mostly on a pair of socks, that I have had to re-start twice. I ended up having to go down to a 2.75mm needle, which fixed the problem with the holes in the toes.

However, tonight I completed a milestone. I blocked my first shawl. I tried to remember the instructions. I washed the shawl.

I was surprised how much dye came out, but washed it out, and tried to lay it flat in a towel.  It was too long. I’d never realized how long it actually is. I pulled out my blocking board (which I stole from my mum) and discovered that I had to fully open it to have enough length to pin the thing down.  And pin I did…

I’m happy with how it looks, but when I was looking at the instructions, I realized that I should have strung a thread through the edges. I don’t know if I’d have enough space on the blocking board to pin the lines though.

In either case, I’m quite pleased with the results, and will post finished images soon. I also have to fringe it first, but soon.

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