So nice I did it twice

Go team me! Running two days in a row, in the snow, and it felt GREAT. It’s never fun to get out of a warm bed with an even warmer husband, but out I got at 9am, and got myself out there. I was slightly concerned about the run just before I left, because the weather said that though it was only -9°C, the wind made it feel like -18°C, which is really much colder than I was willing to deal with. I left anyway, assuming (correctly) that the wind would not be blowing North-South, and so I wouldn’t be getting it most of the time.

Although I much prefer to run on the roads (and do when I run this route normally), I didn’t trust that the city would be diligent about clearing the bike lanes where I normally run (which they weren’t). I was therefore left to the tender mercy of the people living along Runneymede, and the hope that they had shovelled their sidewalks. On my way south, I was doing pretty well (except for there being 3 traffic lights less than 1.5km from my house, and that I was stopped by 2, and ran against the light on the 3rd). I got to my turnaround point at Bloor, and the light was just about to change, but I scooted across without getting run over. And then my problems began.

Maybe it was that I was now getting into distances that I hadn’t run in a while (not quite 3km at the half-way mark) and it was psychological. Maybe I was actually getting a lot more tired. But the northbound trip (on the west side of Runneymede Rd) was NO FUN. It felt like no one had bothered to do more than a cursory shovelling, and not many people had put down salt. The treads of my shoes were completely filled with snow, and more than once, I nearly slide out cause I unexpectedly had no traction.

This was a good run. I hope that I remember haw good this run was when I try to wake up early on Tuesday morning for a mid-week run.


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