Friends and Snow

So I ran this afternoon, after staying in bed until almost 1pm.

Yesterday, we had guests over for dinner, and a final exchange of Christmas gifts. We made one of my favourite dishes – Mexican Orphanage dinner, which consists of a black bean dish, rice, and fresh salsa and guacamole. So good, and something that I could easily eat at least once a week.

We got a hot chocolate maker as our last gift, and made some for our guests. This maker uses chopped chocolate bars and milk. It was rich and fabulous.

Anyhow, my husband drove our guests home at about 1:30 with me almost asleep. And that’s what lead to me waking up after lunch, and running even later.

This run was tough, mostly because there was about 10cm of fresh snow. I am extremely proud of having made myself get out there today though. I really wanted to run in the morning this week, but that clearly didn’t happen.

6:39 pace

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