2010 Book 1 Review

So my main thought about Silverthorne is that it finished REALLY abruptly. There was all this build of tension, the search for the magical item. And then with what felt like less than 50 pages to go, they find it, escape from danger and all the problems are resolved. It almost feels like the author got his word count and then finished it up as quickly as possible, so as to not “waste time” writing this story, so he could get onto the next.

This story starts about a year after the previous (Magician) leaves off, and starts with lots of action – assassins around every corner, enemy soldiers rising after they’ve been killed, and a nearly successful assassination attempt. And then it turns into a “find the item” story. Searching for the antidote to the poison. The princess is in a magically induced coma to give the prince time to find a cure. Travel around the kingdom to find answers. Get item. Finish. It reads like a David Eddings story, but without the pacing and character interaction that keeps Eddings’ books fun for me.

Compared to the first book in the series , this book didn’t seem to take me anywhere new: my knowledge about how the worlds work didn’t really expand, the plot seemed to go nowhere, and I’m starting the third book in the hopes that it redeems the second.

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