New Year, New Plan

So, I’ve decided to resurrect this thing. I’ve had thoughts for years that it would be interesting to keep track, for one whole year of all the books that I read (even the one’s I don’t really want others to know about). If I review them, that’s nice, but for a large part it’s seeing how much I really read, and just to keep track of it.

I also want to start my running again. In 2008, I ran two half marathons, and I was in love with running. Then I started my Master’s and I didn’t really have time to run. My Master’s should be ending soon (PLEASE!!), and I got myself a Garmin for Christmas, so I want to get back into my running (I will work on goals as I go along – right now, it’s to go for a run tomorrow).

Finally, I have started up with my knitting again. I did some Christmas crafting this year, and it seemed well received. I have promised two of my friends wedding shawls (one knit, but unfinished, the other I don’t even have a pattern planned yet). I have promised another friend birthday socks. I want to finish the first project I ever started. My husband wants a crocheted Domo-kun… In other words, I have plans.

With these goals in mind, I figure that keeping track of it in one place will keep me focused.

I want to post when I start and finish (or give up on) every book this year.

I want to post every run I make.

I want to post (with pictures!!!) every item I finish.

I’ll see how it goes.

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