Heart attacks and computers

So, because I have ALL the time in the world, I decided that today, while waiting for Dave to pick me up for the evening, I would update the backend of this here blog. So, after figuring how to get into the server to back up the data base, and how to find and save my hidden .htaccess file, I did that scary upgrade.

OK, so it wasn’t THAT scary. Mostly because my hosting service has one click updating for this kind of thing. But still, I was going from 1.5 to 2.3, which is very large jump in my mind. And all was good. I looked at my site, it was happy, and I looked at my old posts, and they were there, and then I decided to start looking at how the other themes that are available for WordPress look. And I didn’t much like them, so I changed it back to my theme, which is a modified Classic. I looked at my site and…


All of those modifications that I’d made, the colours, the fonts, the borders, etc, etc… gone. I was sitting there with a puke green on white blog. This simply would not do. And my mind started to panic.

“But wait,” I thought. “This is exactly why I just made all those backups (and to think I nearly didn’t!)”

So I went and uploaded my old version of the theme and all is good again… but really, it was not worth the heart attack. When they say to back up before making modifications, listen to the powers that be.

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