Engineering Building

So, I was coming into work this morning, a BEAUTIFUL, snowy, February morning. As I came into the building I work in, I heard a rather odd sound, like treads. I look around, and lo and behold, there’s this mini robot thing being walked down the hall by a guy carrying what appears to be a briefcase. The robot had treads like a tank, and was doing a pretty good pace: probably what would be described as a saunter… if it had legs, that is.

I was about to go into the stairwell to go up to my lab, when I realised that they also had a doorway to go through, and the guy controlling the robot didn’t exactly have a free hand. So I opened the door to the next section of hallway and let the little robot through.

Only in an engineering building would a random person have the opportunity to hold a door open for a robot that’s barely taller than my ankles.

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