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Slight change…

So I changed from Lucida Grande to this, which is Helvetica… I was getting annoyed with the fact that the word “clip” looked like “dip”. Edit: or maybe it was Verdana. It’s hard to tell.

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I will run!!

So, for Christmas, my sister and brother-in-law got me a Nike+iPod toe clip thing… basically it logs my distances for me. Which makes me happy. And then it uploads it to Nike… which does NOT make me super happy, but … Continue reading

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Heart attacks and computers

So, because I have ALL the time in the world, I decided that today, while waiting for Dave to pick me up for the evening, I would update the backend of this here blog. So, after figuring how to get … Continue reading

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Engineering Building

So, I was coming into work this morning, a BEAUTIFUL, snowy, February morning. As I came into the building I work in, I heard a rather odd sound, like treads. I look around, and lo and behold, there’s this mini … Continue reading

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