So, on Saturday I met my fate. I went to the hair dresser, and had significant amounts of hair removed. And I mean LOTS of hair. Here is the before shot:


The hairdresser asked if I was willing to go a little shorter than I initially stated, if so, I could give my hair to Locks of Love. I conferred with a friend you was there for moral support, and agreed.

So after she cut it off, I mentioned that I own no hair dryer… and was told that with this hair I would HAVE to get one… to say I was not impressed is an understatement. But I really didn’t have much choice at this point, cause the hair was already off my head. So, since I didn’t know how to blow dry hair, she sorta explained it to me, and then sent me away looking like this…


I love it… ok, so it’s cheerleader hair, but… I look so much better (and yes, I realize that I’m wearing make-up and smiling and such, but I do look much more mature=-) )

This morning, I took the plunge and tried to dry my hair. Although not great, I also succeeded in NOT burning my hair. I like the shortness, cause then I get fun things like WAVES….


I now feel ready to go and get my iron ring… Just 5 more days….

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