Another long overdue update

As per usual, not particular reason I haven’t written in forever, but there is a desire in me currently to write more often. I don’t think I’m terrible at writing, and I enjoy writing, so once again I’ll try to get on here more often.

So the most interesting thing I’ve done recently was while I was home for the break. I’ve wanted to share my love of skiing with Dave for a long time now, and it finally happened earlier this week. I was home for Winter Break, and Dave had a day off, so I thought to take him to Centennial Hill. I was going to get him a lesson, and have him do that for a while and then we were going to play on the bunny hill for a while.

What I didn’t realize was that lessons at Centennial get booked up WEEKS in advance. The next time with an instructor was March 10. Which did NOT suit my plans well. So I did the unthinkable… I tried to teach him myself. I’m pleased to say that not only is my sweetie still alive, he can now (usually) stop, and kinda turn. Kinda…

I’d never been to Centennial before, so I didn’t realize how SMALL the place was… next time, Mont St. Louis/Moonstone and lessons for both of us. =-)

Other than that, the main thing eating up my time is the plant design project for Chem Eng. This is the course where you create a chemical plant, starting with deciding on the product and then determining everything else, the kinetics, the separations, the heat integration, the economics… EVERYTHING!! It’s interesting, and uses everything else we’ve learnt during the program, but it’s also a huge amount of work. Fortunately I have a great group… we don’t stress, we don’t write more just because we can, and we’re still getting along. And, yes that’s an accomplishment.

Tomorrow I have to once again do inventory at the store. I think that’s my least favourite part of the job. Seriously, who would enjoy counting every single item in a store? Until midnight? And then work again the next day at 10?? Yuck!

And with that, I’m going to try to ignore my fate a little longer.

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