Chit Chat

Ok, so I was in my Macromolecules class this morning, and as I sat down, the two girls behind me were chit chatting… I don’t remember what it was about, but I do remember thinking that their voices were relatively loud, especially since I know that the prof has a relatively soft speaking voice, as well as an accent that makes him a little more difficult to understand.

So, the class started and he was talking about lipoprotein lipases, and hepatic lipases, and, him being a scientist, and this being his field he went off on a tangent or two. He said that we know that the lipoprotein lipase is a head to tail dimer, and asked if we knew how to design an experiment to test this… and most of the class indicated “no”. So the prof said that he didn’t have time to explain it in detail, but if we were interested, we should email him and we’d get a full explanation. He then went into a brief explanation of how the structure was determined… meanwhile the two chatterboxes behind me start talking about how they dodn’t understand why he’s bothering to discuss this and how he’s wasting their time.

By this point, I wanted to ask them to please be quite because I was actaully trying to listen…. I decided against it.

So, he gets back on track, but these two ladies behind me keep going… they talk about how he’s hard to understand (well… I doubt that they’d be easy to understand if they were to teach a class in a language they had learnt in university), how he has too much information in his slides, how how he’s not presenting the slides in order….

Ok, all of these complaints are true. i don’t argue with this, but if they had been listening instead of talking, they might have less trouble a) understanding him; b) keeping track of what he’s emphasizing and c) where he is in the slides.

These girls were talking for almost the entire lecture… by the end I wanted to strangle them because they were closer to me than the prof, and therefore easier for me to hear… which meant that I had a LOT of trouble hearing what we were supposed to be learning.

Have I chit chatted through an entire lecture? Of course… but by the time I was in 4th year classes, we were doing most of our chatting in written notes. why?? because it’s far less distracting to everyone around for a piece of paper to be passed around vs. having noise surround you. I dunno, I just think it’s so rude for people to distract others in class.

It reminds me of what my 9th grade English teacher told us at the beginning of the year (actually, in our first ever class in high school, I had him first period). He said that if you chose to do nothing in the class that was fine. You could sleep in class, you could draw, you could do anything you wanted AS LONG AS IT DID NOT INTERFERE WITH ANYONE ELSE. The second you distracted someone else from learning, you were sent to the office.

These two girls obviously didn’t want to be in class, but please, don’t drag me down with you.

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