Are we going to the cottage?

Yes, yes we are.

Who is we? Well, for sure are Mel (with a car!!) and Jen from Ottawa and Styna, and there are 3 other Ottawa ppl and Becca invited who havne’t confirmed yet, and I am SOOOOOOO excited~!!!! Once again it’s been a couple years since I was there last, so I hope that it hasn’t changed too much… My aunt and uncle are there very very regularly and have likely made some changes but I hope that it’s similar ENOUGH that I can get all those childhood feelings again.

I can’t wait to sprawl on the dock, run around the lake, swim and paddle around in the canoe… not to mention have all this great social time with great friends many of whom I haven’t seen in WAAYYY too long.

It’ll also be good timing because it’s 3 people’s birthday weekends, so we can have a happy happy celebration and fun time. Plus it’ll distract me from the fact that Dave will have left the day before we go up. I SOOOO can’t wait… this is something I want, and something I need…

Cottage, here we come!

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