The First Day…

Of the rest of my Life…. No, not quite that dramatic, but it almost feels that way. Today I finished a time of hell, a time when I had 3 exams, a 20 page research paper, 2 labs, 2 assignments, work, and a new set of classes all happening within a week and a half.

I am happy to say that as of today, I have only 1 assignment to do, and I have work. And that’s IT. it’s a HUGE weight off of my chest.

Adsorption, the course that took over the world, with its 20 page research paper and killer exam (even though it was only worth 20% of the final!!) is finally done, although we don’t have the marks yet for that one.

My lab on centrifugal pumps has been submitted to my lab partner who has graciously said he’d print the damned thing out, so that’s something I don’t have to think about.

Ok, so I still have work, but really, that doesn’t take thought in the same way that homework does.

So, now, what am I to do with my time?? I’m going to FINALLY get around to my summer resolutions.

    By the time I got to Italy, I want to be able to run to Pretoria Bridge and back without stopping
    I want to finish my pair of socks before I go to Italy
    I want to go out once a week

Ok, so they’re not crazy resolutions (except maybe the running one, I’ve yet to determine that) but the fact is that in the past week, I’ve worked on every one of them, which is absolutely amazing for me.

I went running yesterday AND today, and today I did about 4km… and I did the first 2kms in 12 minutes, without stopping. Ok, so I know that’s really nothing to write home about in terms of running, but hey, you have to start somewhere, right? And that’s the important part, I started. I remember why running is so addictive now… I can feel the aches and ouchies in my legs but I KNOW that tomorrow I’m going to be so excited to go out again.

My socks… much improved from last time I showed anything. (Hopefully Flickr doesn’t hate me today?)
You say “Is that a heel I see that has been turned?”
I say “Yes, thank you for noticing, and isn’t it great that the yarn turned green just as it turned?”

Finally, as for going out, I actually went out twice this weekend, I went to a friend’s for post final exam celebrations, and then on to Barrymoore’s for 90s night last Thursday. Muchos grandis fun. I hadn’t been out dancing in far longer than I’d like to admit. Then, on Saturday, I got a call from my brother-in-law who’s in town this week, so we went out for some of the MOST AMAZING Thai food ever (it’s in the Market, it’s delicious and to top it off, it’s relatively cheap), then we wandered until we got to Fat Tuesdays, where there was a live band… and then “Jump Jive and Wail” was played and so we had to dance.

I got a dancing weekend. I am pleased.

But, yes, that is what I have been up to this last little bit. I plan on actually keeping this thing up to date for once in my life. Partially because I’ll finally have time, but also because having written something down, it’s more permanent. Not truly permanent by any stretch… these are just bits and bytes, nothing is in stone here. But it implies at least some commitment. And this post is about just that, committing to things and then following through.

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