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So, I’m home, which is most incredibly lovely, and relaxing… however, it also leads to me being *shock* away from my computer for long periods of time!!!! But this is a good thing, in my opinion. So, you may ask … Continue reading

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The Ghost in my Phone (Part II)

Ok, so my phone just rang, and I picked up to a dial tone… WTF?? (This has happened before, but it’s still disturbing)

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None of the above…

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I have a ghost in my phone

So, I’m sitting here, studying Transport Phenomena like I should be, and suddenly, my answering machine picks up. The phone didn’t ring. Then, when I tried to pick up, I coouldn’t connect and get a dial tone. Very odd. But … Continue reading

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It’s amazing how much I like tepid tea when I’m studying. And how good I am at finding ways to not study when I should be (such as making this post). Ok, back to the grind.

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I walked over the canal today, and was somewhat surprised to see that it was starting to freeze. Not surprised because it’s early (December 1st and only those 2 beautiful days of snow???), but because it was above 0° today. … Continue reading

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