To the 5:30 driver of bus 4095 (Route 18)

What. The. Fuck.

Here’s me, happily cycling home from work along Rideau St. I decided to take Rideau cause there was construction on Sussex. I was in the “normal” lane, not the curb-side bus lane. I was probably about half a metre into my lane in fact. This is how far i generally am, so that I have enough space and so that cars can still get around me without too much difficulty. Maybe I was a little less than that, but not much.

I hear honking behind me. I ignore it, because it’s going home traffic, and I’m in my lane. It gets louder and closer, so I look behind me and just barely have time to pull further into my lane so that the bus doesn’t mow me down. THEN the car behind me nearly hits me, because I’m now a good chunk into the middle of the lane.

So I have a question for you, driver Do you NEVER read the ads on the side of your vehicle? Are you not AWARE that you advertise about “sharing the road” with cyclists?? Did you not notice that despite you nearly running me down, you STILL got stopped at the same red light as I did??


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