Ace of Pentacles (reversed)

Ok, so at least I only have 2 exams left, but they’re sooo close to each other I’m not impressed. I want them done, and to no longer have to study. I’m done. My brain doesn’t work anymore… You know that happens when you lose your purse…
My purse has EVERYTHING in it… right down to my birth certificate and what do I do??? leave it in the gym after I finish my exam, then I don’t notice until I get to the Travel cuts to get my new ISIC… I’m relaly lucky I didn’t go straight home, or I would have had to go straight back to campus… which isn’t TOO bad, but would still drive me absolutely NUTS
I want to be home. I can’t wait to have that little bit of extra protection from the world around me… I want to be able to think properly again… and that sure as all hell won’t happen until I get to be with my family and my best friends…. I really love Ottawa, but… Home… where I know how to get almost anywhere from anywhere… where I can tell you about every store that’s on the streets near my house… Where my room isn’t an ICEBOX!!!!!!
So, only 2 left Microbiology and Fluid Flow… I can do it, relaly I can, I just don’t really want to. I have to get all my studying done by the end of tomorrow, basically, cause I KNOW i’m not going to get anything done while Dave’s here… fortunately Fluid Flow is an open book exam and I can bring in all my notes, so all I REALLY have to do is make myself a good set of cheat notes for my study book. I hate that my whole life has turned into a great big study session.
I can’t wait until I get my speakers, I think I’m going deaf from using these damned ear buds… I can’t believe I didn’t have room for them when I moved here in September. but you know… at least I’m done 4.

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