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Haha!!!I did it!!

So, Yesterday was my all terrifying Poster Day. All the 4th year biochem students had their posters from their lab work made up, and we each presented to 3 different profs… leading to about 20% of our final grade in … Continue reading

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Ok, so tonight I am writing the first draft of my abstract for my Poster presentation. I’ve been looking around trying to get some examples just to make sure I’m doing this right…. then I come upon this as the … Continue reading

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That’s me, that’s me… I have unfortunately gotten to the point in my university career where I don’t really care anymore. I have 15 months left until I get my degree… at that point in time, I’ll have 2 degrees, … Continue reading

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It’s amazing how much I like tepid tea when I’m studying. And how good I am at finding ways to not study when I should be (such as making this post). Ok, back to the grind.

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Wow. I just came back from a most incredible field trip to MontrĂ©al to see the play “Seeds“. Now, this field trip was incredible for 2 reasons. The first is sorta silly, but this is only the second field trip … Continue reading

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Me hate exams!!!

Going crazy… have way too many exams… why am I taking 6 courses again??? Oh yeah, because my crazy program doesn’t give me a choice.. I’ve written 2 exams in the past 2 days, and once I get tomorrow’s done, … Continue reading

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EEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE =-) So, I’m officially in 3rd year at univeristy, which means that I needed to find a 4th year supervisor for my Honours Project… I’d talked with several professors, but then hadn’t heard anything for a week or so… … Continue reading

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