The wind

When you’re running into the wind, all you can feel is the fact that it’s pushing you backwards.  When the wind is at your back, you can’t tell that it’s even there.

Running is something that I like to do, except when I hate to do it.  When there are obstacles to getting out to run, it’s so easy to take advantage of them.  Oh, it’s too hot; I’m tired; I have no time.  Even worse, when I get out there, sometimes the excuses don’t go away: my leg’s tight; I’m getting a stitch; I’m feeling a touch dehydrated; or (my favourite) I can’t make it the last 200m home, so I’ll walk.

Today, I procrastinated against going out – my reason?  It’s only 11°C, and too cold for me to run (Bull!!).  But I got out and started to run.  Just my 4km loop.  Just nice and easy cause it had been a while.

On the way out, I was running into the wind, and it tugged at my hat, and I struggled against it.  Then I turned the corner, and the wind was behind me. And away I went.  Away went all my excuses.  Away went everything, except me and my running.

Distance: 4.01km

Time: 25:12

Pace: 6:17/km

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