A day of physical activity

This morning, I was getting ready to go for my run, and wanted to do 10 and 1s, but everytime I tried to set the interval, the thing reset itself, so I had to do a hard reboot, which only took me three times to get right. I tried to estimate how long it would take – 6:20 pace, 8km – 51:20, plus a bit cause it’s a long run – 55 min. The run itself was good. I got a little lost at one point, and took an extra hill, and even so, I did make it!!

Distance: 8.37km
Time: 54:29
Pace: 6:30/km

After my lovely run, Dave and I did a bit of gardening – we removed about a cubic yard of lime screening, and Dave turned over way too much soil. We also tried to dig a hole to move a tree – but the ground was still too frozen to actually dig. So, we’ll try to dig it out next week – or try to, if it’s another warm one.

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