Another book, another project

I finished reading The Truth Teller’s Tale on Monday night, it was simple and to the point, and very easy to predict. In short, it was an excellent break from the Wheel of Time series. I had a lot of fun with it, clear themes, a nice little bit of romance and teenaged angst, but that’s it.

Now back to my regularly scheduled reading: The Dragon Reborn.

I also did something very odd (for me) yesterday. I cast on a second project. I normally am quite monogamous with my projects, however, because the yarn is on cones, the shawl I’m working on is, shall we say, less than portable. I looked through my last of things to do, and NEARLY cast on socks for a friend’s birthday (due in July). Instead, I’ve started on a crochet project for my husband’s birthday (April). Specifically, this project. I’m already almost half way done the body, but will have to hunt a bit to find some felt and pipe cleaners for the mouth and to make the arms pose-able.

Pictures to follow (once there’s something to see…)

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