Peanut butter cookies

So, I’d been having huge cookie desires. Peanut butter cookie desires, to be specific.

But I didn’t have my peanut butter cookie recipe, which makes soft, delicious and in all ways perfect peanut butter cookies. I likely believe this because they’re the ones my mummy made for us when I was little.

So I was in the grocery store the other day, and low and behold, there were peanut butter cookies on sale. HOW could I refuse?? So I bought them. When I got home, I did something that I am sometimes wont to do, I read the label. Which I feel I should share with you.

Peanut butter cookies

Now, first of all, each cookie has 300 Calories, which is more than 10% of most people’s daily energy needs. Next, one cookie contains 24% of your daily fat intake. Ewww. Just going over this again is making me feel ill, because I know that I ate two in one day on one occasion.

So on top of all this really, really not healthy-ness… they are dry and flavourless. I am completely and utterly unimpressed with this purchase. Note that this will not stop me from eating the very last one, I will just be sad whilst I do so.

HOWEVER, not all is lost, as I got the cookie recipe from my mum when I went home this weekend… well, I was home for 36 hours, but close enough. I will be baking cookies next weekend… and they will be delicious. Or at least, I really hope they are because otherwise I’ll be disappointed again….

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