Ok, so today’s rant is once again about the post doc at my lab.

So I got in insanely early (for me)… I was in at 9 am… the second person in today, thank you very much!!! So I got straight to work, making my gel for my proteins, thawing everything… it was all good. at around 10:00, About 10 minutes before I was ready to load, the post doc arrives, and basically says something along the lines of “how dare you run a gel”… now, how was I supposed to know he wanted to run gels, and also, it’s generally first come first served. So he tells me that I have to go borrow part of the gel system from another lab…

“But I’m ready to put the kit together, so doesn’t it make sense that you borrow it when you’re ready”

“No, you’re going to go to the other lab and borrow it”

It’s not a big deal, but I was ready to go, and then he didn’t even START running until I was almost done with the one I’d borrowed… I really don’t get it.

Then later on, I had the cart, and was getting everything together for my gel transfer. Now, that part of the lab was crowded, someone was doing PCR on teh other side of the bench, and I was trying to get into the bay, as was the post doc. He pushed past me, knocked the cart into the tech doing the PCR… and not a word of excuse me…. then later on, the same thing again, when I was going out the door. The cart is almost as wide as the door. I was part way THROUGH the door, and pushed past me

Now, this guy is SOOOO smart… he just doesn’t seem to get that the lab doesn’t revolve around him, and that sometimes you have to do your own work…

Then, to top off the wonderful day, my transfer (from the gel to the membrane)… it didn’t work. 90 min, at 4ÂșC, and 40V SHOULD be enough. except for me today. So instead of blocking and putting on my primary antibody tonight, I transfer overnight, block tomorrow and primary tomorrow. I hate wasting time like this. GRRRRRRR…

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