This is the new name I have for the post doc in the lab who broke the lab’s cardinal rule: You kill it, you fill it!

So, I was trying to do the last step of my entire honours project. Yes, you heard me right, the very last experiment that I had to do… and it better work too, cause I have very nearly run out of protein! So, I was doing a silver stain, which stains all the protein on a gel. And I had incubated my gel in the silver nitrate for half an hour. Then you’re supposed to wash quickly with water two times, and add the developing solution.

There was no developing solution. The post doc had finished off the old bottle and had failed to make more. So here’s me running around worrying that I’m ruining my gel by leaving it in water for too long, I have to do some calculations, weigh out the sodium carbonate, wait ’til it dissolves in the water, find the formaldehyde, realise there’s no 100% formaldehyde left, re-do the calculations for 37% formaldehyde….

It probably took me… 5-10 minutes. Not bad, right? except that my poor gel was there in the water for this whole time.. and I don’t know if it’ll work. I realise that I was complaining about my lab mates making big fusses about this earlier but this is DIFFERENT!!!

I didn’t send out an email to everyone, I just bitched about him to the people who were actaully THERE!!!! Though my labmates did suggest that I send out another thank you letter. I just rather rant out at the void that is the internet. I don’t need to make things at the lab more thense than they already are!

Anyway, for all that it’s worth… I didn’t see anything on the gel. I’m screwed for my honours thesis. Oh well, such is research.

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