Snarcastic co-workers

So, I got a pair of interesting emails today from my co-workers in the lab I’m doing my honours in (names removed to protect, well… me). These were sent to the entire lab (a Post Doc, 3 PhD candidates, a Master’s candidate, 2 tech’s, a co-op student, and myself), but not to the Professor in charge of the lab…

Message 1:

To the person who used the last of the 70% Ethanol and failed to re-fill the stock: Thank you for being so considerate of others in the lab. I am now in the middle of my TC work and have to put everything aside while a make more of the stock. Thanks again for the inconvenience.

Message 2:

I would also like to thank several people today as well. Thank you to the person (people) that left both the 1 x TBE and the 1 x TAE COMPLETELY empty for me this morning with no 5 x TBE stock either. [Co-op student] graciously made new stock of 5 x TBE by the way.

Now, I know that our lab has a “you kill it you fill it” policy, and I have my suspicions about who’s at fault, but REALLY… just for a moment please, PLEASE try to act your ages and intelligence levels!!! You DON’T have to send rude “thank you” letters to the lab. Yes, it’s pissy and I know that in the middle of working with cells is NOT a good time to be dealing with making solutions, but everyone has had to stop to dilute ethanol before.

It just makes me glad that I haven’t used any of those stock solutions in months.

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