Winnie the Pooh Worships Satan too!!!

So, I was going through my old emails, trying to procrastinate by being productive (I should be writing an assignment, but that’s another topic), and I found one from my good friend Shah. It was the movie that went around about… 6 years ago?? with Winnie the Pooh that is dubbed over with him worshipping Satan… doing the exorcist head thing, offering dead mice and best of all…

“Yak’s blood, yak’s blood, rolly polly yak’s blood”

It’s a priceless video, available here. Please excuse the porn links on that site, and the personal ads… I just have a feeling that my bandwidth would be gobbled up if I posted it here.

(I always find it disturbing that they use information about my ISP to target the location where these “ready and waiting” girls are located… it’s just a wee bit creepy….)

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