So, I’m officially in 3rd year at univeristy, which means that I needed to find a 4th year supervisor for my Honours Project… I’d talked with several professors, but then hadn’t heard anything for a week or so… meanwhile, one of the guys who’d interviewed with one of the same profs as me got an offer, and I felt very pressured to check up on everyone….

So, after calling back the two profs I was most interested in working with, I got a call back from the one who’d already given out her other project and EEEEIIIIIIIEEEEE I got her second honours position. I’m soooooo happy, I was starting to get really worried.

Although the other one is more in the field I want to work in, he’s already said at least twice that he’s not taking on any more students for next year…. Ohhhh I feel so good… So in the next year I’m going to become an expert in the pathway to differentiation of muscle cells from stem cells… I’m so excited!!! Yeah!

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